Anthony Diez

Anthony Diez

Chief of Sales & Client Relations


Tony is a San Diego native and another contributor to the Stratiss Team. With the mentorship of corporate and Harvard mentors, he has become an asset to this organization through his well-versed expertise in Sales. His role is overseeing sales and leads generation as well as maintaining good client relations. 

As a corporate sales representative, he was Top 3 in his region in California. 

You can consider Tony as a super power, not only when it comes to sales, but also when it comes to his other profession as a world-class coach and athlete.  He is an Elite Power Lifter, holding the previous record in the deadlift 3x his body weight when he was only 19 years old.  Currently, he also coaches State, National, and World caliber athletes in strength and condition. 

Tony started out from humble beginnings. He came from a hardworking immigrant family who had some financial struggles in the past. He was able to adapt and embrace a strong work ethic because of his experiences. His mentality to get the job done one of his best traits. 

With all his experiences, he possesses the right leadership skills and he is able to bring results to the table. He believes that you need to lead by example and reputation is everything.

Current Location: San Diego, California, USA