Website Design

Our creative team are website design professionals that will help you build your dream website.

Responsive Website Design and usability is very important because it creates an environment for people visiting your website. An excellent user- experience allows visitors to stay longer on your websites which lowers the bounce-rate of your site. Optimized landing pages rank higher on search engines because they load faster and they are more user-friendly.

Also, professional websites have a higher trust authority to its visitors which leads to increase in website traffic.

Here at Stratiss, we’ll work hand in hand get your website up and running for desktop tablet, and mobile usability.

In addition, we’ll provide initial on-page SEO implementation to get you started.

Stages of Website Development

Concept Phase

Design and approval

Design Implementation Phase

Creation of website design and content

Technical and Test Phase

  • Building and deployment of site with initial on-page implementatio
  • Testing of created website for any issues or errors (i.e broken link, bugs, etc.)

Website Handover

Providing information for website management

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